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The best way to design your geeky engagement or wedding ring is to work directly with the artist, not a reseller. We will send you the the sketches asap and you will get a chance to approve the work or request changes in order to make you dream geeky ring come true. Besides fast communication, the most important thing is still the talent of the artist you hire. You are at the right place!



Looking for a nerd ring, geeky ring, custom geek wedding band?

Custom Made Geeky Wedding Band For Him

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Beautiful geeky engagement rings that she will simply love!



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Elegant geeky wedding band for your superheroine.


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Powerful geeky wedding band for your superhero.

Custom Made Geek Engagement Rings

What Real Clients Said:

Kantama ordered a custom design ring. She decided to give business to a small company for design while a local jeweler was going to produce the ring. After the work was completed, this is what she said:

elaborate geeky ring
There are many details with obvious and hidden meanings on this ring.

This …. wow. I am awestruck. You’ve created beauty, and I am so grateful. Thank you for being so lovely! You have been a wonder to work with!

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Let’s talk and see what we come up with or choose from the existing designs:





There is a great story behind this tiny not so geeky ring. Chris contacted me a long time ago asking for a custom ring with a wood inlay and the loveknot design. I quoted him and he said that he would contact me after he has saved enough for the ring. I forgot about it. Indeed, a year later he ordered the ring. I forgot about it again. In the meantime, I tested some new equipment and decided to redo a few old designs for comparison. Didn’t know what to do with the ring so I contacted Chris again and asked if he would want another ring for free. He did.

love know geeky ring

It’s arrived and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much!


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