Terms and Conditions

We are a small company and do not have a mile long terms of service. In many cases the words people use in terms of service usually do not live outside of the dictionary. As the business grows maybe we too will have to make along TOS that people do not normally read. In the meantime, here are the terms of service in plain English as clear as possible:

  1. You are 18 years of older.
  2. You understand that time travel is not possible. For that reason we cannot refund purchases because the artist cannot go back in time. Please do not change your mind about the purchase. We provide production photos and final photos so you see how the ring is coming along and finally photos on the sizing tool so there are no surprises in regards to size or appearance.
  3. If you are located in the EU or other country outside of North America, you may have to pay import fees. It all depends on the country’s customs.
  4. Any questions? Contact us!
batman engagement geeky ring
batman engagement geeky ring

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