Terms and Conditions

We are a small company and do not have a mile long terms of service. Here are the terms of service as clear as possible:

  1. You are 18 years or older.
  2. You understand that time travel is not possible. For that reason we cannot refund purchases if you change your mind because the artist cannot go back in time to get his time back. Please order only if you are sure that you want that ring. We take 50% downpayment and provide production photos as well as the final photos so you can see how the ring is coming along. We send photos of the ring on the sizing tool. There are no surprises in regards to size or appearance. You will have a chance to request changes or modifications before you approve the final product. We understand that it’s not easy for everyone to order rings online hoping that everything will be OK. If that is you, order from a local shop.
  3. You may have to pay import fees. It all depends on the country’s customs.
  4. Any questions? Contact us!
batman engagement geeky ring
batman engagement geeky ring

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