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We Are Easy To Work With

Geeky Rings is a small Canadian company with a lot of talent. You will be working directly with the artist, not a “jewelry consultant” from a big company. When you communicate with the designer directly, communication is faster and there is a lot more flexibility. Cost wise, it is generally more affordable to work with the artist directly especially when it comes to design.

Our work was noticed by a custom jewelry retail website that I originally declined to work with because of the bad reviews, but they were persistent. When things got better for them, they changed their business model and kicked out the original makers who helped their young business get off the ground. It’s fine. I am grateful that they had reached out to me and persuaded me to work with them to get a lot of exposure. Small businesses usually do not get as much exposure through Google search as big companies. Look up the same thing on google and Duckduckgo. You will see that we rank better on Duckduckgo than Google (if any).


Payment terms: 50% downpayment in USD/CAD or crypto, second half upon completion of the project. Start with design service only if you want to see what it’s like to work with us. Design cost counts toward the final price of the ring.


I meant to email you back. Haven’t taken the ring off since I put it on. I love it. You’ve done right by me. It was not an easy request, however, the results were amazing!

One of the best clients ever who ordered this ring.

How do we make custom geeky rings

Like everything in life we start from an idea. Sometimes it is difficult to predict what most people would like and for that reason custom design is the best because the client will love it 100%.

Send us all the artwork with a description of the ring. If you don’t have everything yet, it’s fine. We just need to start somewhere and eventually it will build up.


How much does custom NFT ring design cost?

There are about three categories of design difficulty

1. Relatively simple bands can be designed for $99 USD. Here is an example.

2. More complicated designs with geometric shapes fall into the $250 USD category. Example is a superhero band.

3. Organic shapes designs that require some sculpting, take more time therefore the cost is $350 or possibly more if you have some spectacular idea that will make me sit at the computer for many days.

The cost estimates above apply to projects that do not require more that 6 revisions. Even though most requests fall into some of the category described here, every project is different.


How long does it take to make a custom ring?

Our communication will be really fast. You can expect a reply within hours on a weekday. If you request a revision then a new drawing is usually done within 2 business days. It all depends on the complexity of your idea.

Still, it all depends on how complicated is the design that you request and how many revisions you think are necessary. If we communicate more in the beginning, the less time it will take to complete there design.

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