Batman Wedding Band Gold

We made a batman wedding band in minimalist style. Batman logo is enameled while the sides are bare metal. It makes a contrast that stands out. We produce it in steel, silver and gold. Silver and steel gold plating is possible. This is a perfect wedding band for a good guy. Of course, this “good” is based on the assumption that billionaires are wonderful people (especially those born into money) who treat their employees well so there is pleanty of funds left to design and produce the batmobil, batcycle and all other goodies that help keep a corrupted city running.

The cost for a steel or silver version with 2-day DHL shipping is $440. Please contacts us for the price of a gold ring.

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In addition to USD, you can order your Batman wedding band in many of the cryptocurrencies listed below. Let us know what you have to trade apart from the well known coins and we will consider the trade.


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