Harley Quinn Wedding Band Gold

Here is a Harley Quinn wedding band for a true fan by a fan. This wedding band will show that you take the right side in this insane wold. It features two sets of red and black diamond shapes made with enamel. There are many memorable quotes from this highly educated “villain”, but one that sticks to mind is “So what if I am crazy?” Well, if intellectual development is not matched with personal growth, the chances for a disaster are quite high (paraphrasing Eckhart Tolle here). Harley Quinn ring goes well with Joker wedding band. We can make it in silver, steel or gold. We can gold plate the silver ring if you like. The cost of gold plated silver/steel ring with 2-day DHL shipping is $380. Please contact us for the price of a gold ring.

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In addition to USD, you can order your gold plated Harley Quinn wedding band in many of the cryptocurrencies listed below. Let us know what you have to trade apart from the well known coins and we will consider the trade.


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